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We appreciate you taking time to explore .fount and want to make it easy for you to join. In order to send you the first job offer we only need your name, job title, residential address, email address and contact number (optional). There are more information you can share with us, but let’s get to know each other first 😉. Please be aware: The more you tell us about yourself, the better we can match you with new clients.

hassle free portfolio

Complete your profile with links from your website, Instagram, Vimeo or YouTube accounts. After your sign-up we will create a portfolio that will win you the perfect job. You don’t have any links? Just name the projects you worked on and we’ll do the rest. You are in charge of what you want to present.

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Simply receive job offers from exciting brands, agencies or productions that match your profile. To accept or refuse these offers simply reply via text.

“Crewing rethought.
That's why I love this idea!“

Christiane Schwabe, Executive Producer

“.fount is rethinking our business“

Dominik Falk, Editor

“.fount is pretty future production.“

Julia Mücke, Director & DoP

“.fount rethinks networking“

Silke Faber, Costume & Stylist

“Professional growth without abandoning the status quo.“

Maike Albeck, Hair & Make up Artist


Be part of it!
It only takes 3 minutes


What does this service cost?

It is free for all our members. We believe in talents and consequently there is no cost to join .fount or get job offers. If a client hires a .fount member for a job, we charge a 10% commission from the client on top of the members total salary. The salary is handled directly between the member and the client.

What talents and skills are you onboarding?

🦸Unlike most people in the film industry, we welcome talents with multiple skills and/or your own equipment. Tell us about it, we are excited to meet you.

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What kind of projects do you have?

We focus on film: advertising, content and digital formats. Sometimes a short film or a social can be included. Interested? Give it a try.

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Where are most of the jobs located?

Most of the job offers are from clients based in Germany / DACH region. However, as we are operating globally, jobs from all over the world can be submitted to .fount. We are excited.

Can .fount guarantee jobs for me?

Believe us, we'll do our best to get you as many jobs as possible! Especially relevant ones from great clients. But for the time being there is no job guarantee.

And on what basis do you guys send me job offers?

Have you already seen our registration form? Our goal is to understand the skills you have and especially where you are heading to professionally. All the information you share in the registration form will be taken into account for future matches. We set our focus on the skills you bring to the table, making you less limited by your current job description.

Why / when does .fount invite me for a (video) call?

We screen every application and if something is unclear our acquisition team will contact you via e-mail to schedule a (video) call with you. No matter how digital this all is, we want to connect real people who work well together. Therefore it is important that your new clients understand who you are and what you are capable of.

The (video) call does not have to take place immediately. Not even tomorrow. But we'd be happy to do it when it suits you. Therefore we send a link where you can pick a date for the call.

We will then verify your profile picture, your data and talk to you about your projects and skills. The client likes that too.

What do you think, ready for application?

Start the application

How can I edit my portfolio?

Excellent question! In your .fount portfolio you will find an „Edit Portfolio“ button. Once you click on it, your email program will open and you can send us your change request. We will take care that your request is properly implemented. As soon as we have finished, you will receive a short notification via email.

What happens if I agree to a .fount job offer and another job request comes in for the same time period?

As soon as you agree to a .fount job offer, you are requested, not to accept any other job offers for the same time period until the expiry of the job offer (Terms & Conditions). A job offer lasts a maximum of 48 hours. If you do not receive a response until then, you may of course accept any offer that comes in.

A client with whom I worked on a .fount project, wants to book me again - without .fount in between. Now what?

That is absolutely fine! Still we will charge 10% commission fee on the client side six month after your last booking via .fount.

I'm represented by a talent agency. Can I still register with .fount?

That's great! We love talent agencies and see ourselves as partners. Stay with your agency, because you'll get even more jobs in the future: From your agency as well as from us. Your agency can and should continue to support you in clarifying the important formalities (contracts, scheduling, invoices). This is not our business as we earn money from the clients. What you pay your agency to coordinate your jobs is your decision.

Very important: If we send you job offers and you agree to the offered fee, it is binding. The surcharge of an agency commission towards the client is not allowed. If your agency sends an invoice to .fount clients in your name, the fee you agreed to or negotiated is valid.

Above all, we want to send you job offers from new clients. Our network is very different from your agency's and that's the exciting part.

I'm a talent agent. Should I be worried?

No! We're in the same boat and we have the same goal: We just want to match jobs with good talents. Our business model is most likely different from yours: We don't just match the Head Ofs, but the whole crew. We also charge a 10% commission on the talents' fees for successful matches. This commission is paid by the client, not the talent. Our network is less specialized than typical talent agencies  and we deliberately set ourselves up more broadly. So let’s work together and if you have any questions, just give us a call:

Call us

I am just starting out in my career or I am still at film school, can I sign up anyway?

Sure thing! We believe in potential. And we believe in unlocking that potential. It's not just an empty phrase for us. We actually believe in it. And that's why we welcome everyone who has practical experience and can work in a professional environment. To introduce yourself to potential clients, it would of course help if you present us your first references, projects and Instagram feed.

I am mostly self-taught and have had little professional experience in film. Can you support me?

Yes, we will do our best! We believe in your skills and want to see what you can do. It is important that you have uploaded some work on one of the relevant video platforms so that we can assess you better. Sounds like a plan?

I am an agency, production company, Brand, Start-Up or Designstudio. What‘s in for me?

We are excited that you have found us. Welcome to .fount! Just tell us what you need and we will find the right solution. We will check your request, match it with the relevant job seekers and provide you with the most exciting available talent as soon as possible.

Talent request

We charge a success based 10% commission fee. It is based on the total fee of the .fount talent you selected. The invoice will be sent to you at the end of the current month.

How and where can I meet other .fount members?

We believe working together makes us better. We sometimes get a bit lost in all the important questions and clever content here, but we really mean it. At .fount we plan events, discussions and much more to connect our growing community. This will always be about film in the age of digital change. Want to learn more?

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