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We combine the agility of curated creators
with the expertise of a production company.
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Increase your content’s creative & social value
Increase your speed to market by up to 30%
Reduce your production costs by 20-40%
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What we do

Creator Matching

We love creators and crawl instagram. A lot. Using our sourcing insights, European network and vetted talent database we are ready to match you with curated creators and production partners in less than 48 hours. Request now.

Production thinking

In our tailored workshops we focus on your content and how to get the best performance out of it. Your team and favorite creator(s) work hand in hand with fount’s production & strategy consultants. After 3-5 hours you will be production ready - no detours, no briefing waterfalls.

Production consulting

From entire digital campaigns to single bug fixes - we are by your side to facilitate and empower your production workflows and provide missing resources. We keep things lean and transfer our knowledge to your in-house team. 


Based on your needs we build your tailored production set-up with the best creators and production partners involved. You lean back while one of our dedicated account managers makes sure you get the best content on time and budget.

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„Eine Plattform für Freelancer aus dem digitalen Produktionsumfeld, die sich vor allem an Agenturen, Start-ups und Werbungtreibende richtet.“

„The Talent Hub That’s Bursting Bubbles and Creating Symbiotic ‘Production Ecosystems.“

„Eine Plattform für Freelancer aus dem digitalen Produktionsumfeld, die sich an Agenturen, Start-ups und Brands richtet.“

„Creator-Centric Workflows: The Key to Leaner & Faster Digital Content Production.“

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